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Cops & Cones in the Park

I attended the  City of Davenport Cops & Cones last week at Vander Veer Park where the police department was giving out free ice cream cones to chirdren in the Quad Cities area.

I was able to meet several folks in and around the The Quad Cities. While talking to citizens I was able to hear their concerns for the city of Davenport. One of their big concerns are streets and

crime followed up about flood protection. We need as going forward to address those issues. I am waiting to see what the currant Mayors task force comes up with on the flooding?

I’ve met with the Director of The Juvenile Department and discussed number of cases they receive in a given year and number of beds they currently have and number they need to house these

Juvenile criminals. I agree we need to control the crime and we might look into a Police Athletic Program in order to reach out to the younger kids up to 4th grade?

I’m also going to meet with The Police Association and discuss their needs and operation.

We have a lot to do but our Goal is Public Safety

HOMELESS moved out of area next to KINGS HARVEST Today

Today The City of Davenport was called to Kings Harvest to clean up trash and belongings of Homeless people that were allowed to live between the 2 buildings Kings Harvest and the building to the East.

Due to the Flooding the homeless moved toward 3rd street looking for space to sleep and just hang out. Kings Harvest had no inside space due to lack of funding so they live on the street. King Harvest were receiving complaints so they opened the space between the buildings. Teri of King Harvest told me that was getting out of control, so she called the city to get it cleaned out.And she locked the gate to keep them out.

I agree it is a BIG problem but along with the city and other groups we need to work toward a solution. As Teri said some have mental health issues and need help.

Where do we go on this?